General Service

General Service


1. Wash:-Deep hand Cleaning.

2. Air filter:-  Basic Cleaning.

3. Spark Plug:- Basic Cleaning and Check condition, gap, adjust if necessary.

4. Fuel filter:- Basic Cleaning if necessary.

5. Carburettor:- Check Idle speed, chocklever operation.

6. Brake front and rear:- Adjust and greasing.

7. Clutch:- Check tightness and oiling if necessary.

8. Drive Chain:- Basic Cleaning,Check chain slack.

9. Battery:-  Top up if necessary.

10. Coolant:- Top up if necessary.

11. Control cables:-  Basic operation of clutch, throttle, front brake cables, readjust or replace as required

12. Sanitization:- Bike sanitization process.


1. One Month service warranty.

2. Extra cost will be charged on oil and parts replacement.

3. Extra cost of labour will be charged apart from service points.

4. Next service due (2000 Kms or 3 Months) Recommended.


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